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Skilled Immigration

Skilled workers who settle in Canada on a permanent basis are especially valuable to Canada's economy and the strength of its workforce. Successful applicants of the Skilled Worker Immigration programs will receive a Canadian Immigration (permanent resident) Visa, allowing the applicant to immigrate to Canada with his or her family. This is a points-based visa that considers factors such as age, work experience, your qualifications and an offer of skilled employment. To apply under the Skilled Migrant Category, you must be aged 55 or under, meet the skill level for your occupation, and meet English language, health, and character requirements.

Australian Skilled migration program the Skilled stream of the Migration Program is designed to attract migrants who make a significant contribution to the Australian economy, and fill positions where no Australian workers are available. Skilled migrants have very high participation rates in the workforce, helping to stimulate economic growth, Age of the candidate more than 45 years leads to ineligibility for Australia skilled immigration. Language Proficiency: Another mandatory requisite is English language proficiency. To attest your English ability, an English language test-IELTS- results must be presented by the candidate.